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Ways for Parents to Assist at Home:




Kindergarten High Frequency Words


D'Nealian Handwriting Practice


Things Parents Can be Working Toward with Their Children

  1. Letter recognition - both upper and lower case
  2. Beginning letter sounds.
  3. Number recognition - 1 to 20; raise by 10's as your student is able; goal by the end of the year is to recognize any number 0-100
  4. Count numbers 1 to 20; goal by the end of the year is 1 to 115
  5. Write their first name appropriately using upper and lower case letters
  6. Know  their full name, address and telephone number
  7. Practice writing their thoughts and ideas in either  pictures and words. Let your child dictate a story to accompany the pictures.  Kindergarten writing and spelling is done by writing down only the letter sounds that are heard.  Ex.  apple/apl;   baby/babe.   This builds confidence in knowing that writing can be done at any level even if students don't know the adult spelling of words.
  8. Give your child practice with responsibilities. For example, cleaning up after themselves, dressing themselves, assisting in the kitchen or garage.
Create settings for your child to practice social skills such as sharing and getting along.  Learning to listen and follow directions are top priorities in kindergarten.

Kindergarten Celebrates 100 days!



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